If You Have Problems with Your Boiler, Northampton Based Specialists Are Ready To Give You A Nice Warm Feeling

When a boiler breaks down it hardly ever chooses to do so at a convenient time. Throughout the long summer months it will purr away contently just like a contented pussycat, delivering hot water for baths, showers and the occasional outbreak of washing up.

Come the winter months however and it’s a different story. Now, you really need a boiler that works, efficiently and as required. Those central heating radiators are not the prettiest things on God’s earth but when it’s cold you don’t mind that – they make you warm and that makes them worth their weight in gold. This, of course, is the time when that faithful old pussycat is likely to stop purring and start clanking. Hot water will cease to flow, the north wind shall blow, we shall have snow and you shall be cold!

Most of the time the heating engineer that you choose will be able to fix your ailing boiler in Northampton but, eventually, it will go the way of all flesh and throw in the towel. It will die and like any death in the family, you have to be upset, be brave and carry on.

Replacing a boiler is, of course, an expensive business and it has to be done properly so, when selecting a boiler specialist to handle the installation make sure that the supplier you choose is reputable. If possible, look for recommendations and testimonials from other customers on their website. Take advice as to the best type of boiler to select, there are two principle types of boiler, these being:

Combination boilers
These are more often referred to as “combi” boilers and are the most popular type in the UK. These boilers work by providing heating and hot water without the need for water tanks and cylinders.

Conventional boilers
Widely known as open vent boilers and use a tank and a hot water cylinder. Suitable for most households but the hot water can run out during heavy use.

A short guide like this one cannot explain all the pro’s and con’s in enough detail so make sure that you ask your supplier for their recommendations.

A Plus Building & Maintenance Ltd provides all aspects of plumbing services including boiler repairs & installation services with all work guaranteed in Northampton. Visit them now.

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