Identifying drug abuse problem in your Teen

Nothing can worry a parent more than suspecting that their teen is abusing drugs. How do you find out that your teen is actually abusing drugs? Drug abuse can begin at any age. Usually, teens start abusing drugs while participating in social activities. Perhaps, they want to be more like their friends, or they are using drugs to deal with some kind of stress. Some of the factors behind teens abusing drugs include promotion of the feel-good factor, excitement, feeling more grown-up, fitting in a certain group of teens or adults. An activity that starts as a harmless affair can be the start of a serious problem that can lead to drug abuse. And in no time, this can reach a level that can even turn fatal. If you suspect that your teen is doing drugs, it’s time to seek treatment.

Warning signs of drug abuse

The teenage phase can be confusing and challenging. This is the time when a teen runs the risk of getting trapped in self-destructive patterns of drug use. If your teen starts behaving differently for no apparent reason, there is a probability of a drug problem. Common signs include health complaints like frequent hunger pangs, unusual tiredness, loss of interest in academics and activities, dropping grades, skipping classes, secretive behavior, diminished personal appearance, smell of smoke on breath or clothing or poor hygiene. A teen with a family history of drug abuse or those who are not connected by family or friends are at a greater risk of developing drug abuse habit and becoming addicted.

Teens need specialized treatment for drug abuse

It is important to understand that teens require specialized treatment for drug abuse. They need to be a part of a safe and caring teen drug rehab that promotes a combination of traditional therapies along with evidence-based therapies for drug addiction. Treatment plans may disrupt personal, academic and even athletic milestones, but treatment at a drug rehab facility is important to help teens get their life back on track. Treatment does work and is the only answer to help your teen regain his or her life. Only you can make sure your teen gets the help he or she needs before drug abuse takes over his or her life and leads to serious, sometimes, irreversible damage.

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