Getting The Most Out Of Your Money From A Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City

A person who needs to get out of jail while their case is still pending can use a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City. Typically, all that a defendant has to pay the company is 10 percent of the bond’s total. So if a defendant is given a $2,500 bond by the court, they would just have to give the company $250. Bail bond companies make it much more affordable for defendants to get out of custody while resolving their cases. In some cases, defendants are released without having to pay any money at all.

When a defendant chooses to use a bail bond company in Oklahoma City, they have to understand that there are certain conditions that they have to abide by if they wish to remain free while their case is going through the system. Violating terms set by the court can lead to the bond being revoked. If a person is confused as to what conditions have to be met, they can ask for clarification from their lawyer or the court. For the most part, defendants usually just have to worry about making their court dates and staying out of trouble. Get more information about bail bonds by contacting a company directly.

A defendant might have to show up for a number of court dates before their case is resolved. In some instances, a defendant’s lawyer might ask for a continuance. Other times, it might be the prosecution. Judges might request more time to review arguments that are brought up. Sometimes, a lawyer might be able to represent a defendant in court without the defendant being there. It’s important that defendants keep up with all of their court dates. Missing one can cause the judge to issue a bench warrant. When the defendant finally does appear in front of the judge, they might lose their freedom.

Dealing with the justice system can be scary for people who are arrested for the first time. If bail is set too high for them, they can petition the court to lower it. A judge can be asked to take in a person’s financial status when setting a bond.

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