How to Spot a Bad Glendale Bail Bonds Company: Check Out These 4 Tips

Not sure if the Glendale bail bonds company being hired is reputable? It pays to do some research. Check out these tips for learning how to spot a bad company.

  1. Super-low Price Quotes

Like most industries, there’s a common rate for service. When bail bonds companies quote a super-low price for their service, take this as a red flag. The industry standard is 10 percent of the bail amount. So, if bail is set at $40,000, the company should quote a fee of $4,000. Anything lower than a 10-percent fee could mean the company is cutting corners or are inexperienced.

  1. Consumer Reviews Are Less than Flattering

It’s always a good idea to check reviews on third-party services. Doing this gives one an idea about the company’s customer service standards. Don’t rely on the company’s website for reviews.

  1. They Don’t Seem Knowledgeable About the Process

Most people who call a bail bonds company have never had to do so before. They’re usually clueless about how the process works and have a lot of questions. If the company doesn’t seem eager to explain the process, take this as a sign to look for another company.

  1. The Company Isn’t Licensed

Never work with a company that isn’t licensed in Arizona. Always verify that the company has the correct licensure by asking for their number and following up to make sure the licensing is current. Don’t hire bondsmen licensed out of state.

Follow these tips and find a reliable Glendale bail bonds company.

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