How to Prevent Heat Stroke in your Pet

Preventing heat stroke in your pet will help you avoid very serious illness and even death. Heat stroke requires the attention of the emergency vet in County Durham depends on for immediate care of their pets. Here is a quick overview of how to prevent heat stroke as well as the signs and symptoms to watch for when the weather is extreme.

Follow these instructions to avoid heat stroke in your pet:
1. Keep your home as cool as possible.
2. When not at home set a comfortable temperature when high temperatures are forecast.
3. Ensure you leave plenty of fresh, clean water for your pet.
4. Never leave cat food outside during extreme heat.
5. Drop ice chips in your pet’s water bowls to keep water cool throughout the day.
6. Buy ice toys for dogs to enjoy in hot weather.
7. Keep pets out of the sun.
8. Avoid over exertion with rigorous activity and play.
9. Keep cats indoors whenever possible.
10. Pets must never be left in a hot car.

Signs and Symptoms
Cats and dogs will share some common symptoms including vomiting and they may stagger and stumble when suffering from heat stroke. Once heat stroke sets in seizures are also possible. These are the different symptoms to watch for in cats and dogs:

1. Very heavy panting and difficulty breathing
2. Pale gums
3. Deep sleep may mean they are unconscious
4. Thickening of saliva

1. Redness in the mouth and tongue
2. Sweaty paws
3. Excessive drooling
4. Constant grooming
5. Restlessness

It is important that when you notice any of these symptoms you act quickly taking the following steps:
1. Bring your pet to a cool environment inside the home or into the shade.
2. If you do not have air conditioning, use a fan.
3. Apply cool water to your pet’s skin to lower their temperature but do not use ice water or ice as this can make things worse.
4. Take your pet’s temperature with a rectal thermometer and for a temperature above 39.5 degrees Celsius proceed to your emergency vet County Durham immediately.
Prevention is key to avoiding heat stroke however if your pet shows signs of heat stroke proceed to your emergency vet County Durham immediately.

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