A Potted History of Norwalk CT

Norwalk was virtually destroyed in 1779, on July 10th, when British forces, led by General William Tryon invaded the area during the revolutionary war. A mere six homes were spared and the town had much rebuilding to do. The Connecticut Western Reserve stepped in to compensate many of the residents, offering them free grants to purchase land.

Norwalk sits in Fairfield County – the same county in which Stamford is situated and is on the south western side of the state. This made the whole area susceptible to invasion during those tumultuous times and Norwalk was not the only town to be brought down. In 1836 Norwalk became a borough, rather than a city, but later, in 1893 was then reincorporated as a city once again. The town has an illustrious history of oyster farming – owning the biggest fleet of steam-driven oyster boats in the country during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The trend continued and oyster farming in Norwalk continues and is made easier by the fact that 37% of the land around Norwalk is water.

Redevelopment of the Area

During the 1970’s the ‘SoNo’ district of Norwalk – better known as Southern Norwalk – underwent a successful revitalization effort, headed by many local organizations and this how the Maritime Aquarium came about. The famous aquarium has loggerhead turtles, sharks, river otters, harbor seals and many other sea creatures living there under perfectly recreated versions of their natural environments. There is also an IMAX theater on the property – opened in 2007 – and the building is attended by over half a million tourists each year, making it one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the whole of Connecticut. Officially opened in 1998 the name of the aquarium was then called the Maritime Center, but 1996 brought an upgrade and some changes. Now, the former iron works factory is one of the city’s most visited attractions by the local residents as well as visitors.

Norwalk is one of the many ‘charter cities’ around the county, meaning that it is governed by its own charter, as opposed to the state, province or regional governments. It allows the city some level of autonomy, whereby it can determine its own laws and regulations, rather than obey those laid down by strangers in another area. For those looking for Rental Apartments In Norwalk Ct, they be advised to learn local laws.


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