How to Pick Wood Bathroom Cabinets

When picking cabinetry for the bathroom, consider the overall room size, layout and style.

Purchasing wood bathroom cabinets is a similar process to purchasing kitchen cabinetry. Prior to making a purchase, you will need to make certain that you have a well-defined concept for your bathroom makeover. This will include identifying goals and a list of ‘must-haves’. You should also decide what your renovation budget will be.

Grade of Cabinetry Available

Much like kitchen and pantry cabinets, wood bathroom cabinets are available in 4 basic grades.

1. RTA (Ready-to-Assemble)
2. Stock
3. Semi-Custom
4. Custom

Bathroom vanities may also be purchased in a stand-alone format.

RTA is the most cost effective form of cabinetry and is readily available online.

Cabinet Drawers

Regardless of the type of cabinet you select, it will be necessary to choose cabinets that are well-constructed and made from high quality materials. Bathroom cabinets should have drawers that are, at minimum, 3/8-inch to ½-inch thick, this is especially important for bottoms. You will want to avoid stapled construction. Make sure that each drawer rest snug in the box and opens and closes smoothly. Drawers should not snag when extended.

Cabinet Materials and Finishes

Bathrooms are one of the most used (and abused) rooms in the house. Because bathrooms receive such a high degree of wear and tear, it is crucial to choose materials and finishes that are able to easily stand up against heat, water and excessive moisture. In most situations, cabinets are constructed from plywood, particleboard or medium density fiberboard with real wood doors and drawer faces. There are many options available for material and finish options, however, the price tag increases with each option. Be cautious choosing veneers for wood bathroom cabinets are they have a tendency to peel over time.

Doors, Accessories and Hardware

Bathroom cabinet door styles and decorative hardware accessories can realty enhance the overall look of the cabinet. Cabinet doors can be flush, or they may have an elevated panel that can be arched, rounded or squared.

A wide array of decorative accessories, like posts, wainscoting and pilasters can create a polished and customized look. Drawers and doors look best when they match. The same rules apply to hinges, knobs and other decorative hardware pieces.

When choosing bathroom cabinetry, remember that looks are not everything. Cabinets must be practical, functional and capable of withstanding all of the elements that they will be exposed to.

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