How to Keep Your Fire Pits Safe for Your Family

Safety of your family is always your top priority when cooking outside, quickly followed by ensuring that your property remains safe as you carefully play with fire to cook great meals with a wonderful burnt wood flavor. Barbecue pits and Backyard fire pits in Sarasota FL must always be carefully managed and maintained with fire extinguishers always available and close by.

Important Safety for Your Family

Great common sense will ensure that children are kept well away from backyard fire pits in Sarasota FL because you cannot take any chance that they may be burnt after stepping too close to the fire. While thinking of your children, you should treat your pets in a similar manner and keep them away from potential danger.

Don’t try and use an old defective or faulty fire pit container, when it is easy to purchase a new or relatively new model which will be much safer for you and your family.

Your fire pit should always be attended, even if not by the individual completing the cooking because you cannot allow a fire to get out of hand, which is easily achieved by an unattended fire.

Using the Right Fire Extinguisher

By keeping sand or a bucket of water close by, you will be able to put out the fire, should an emergency overtake your skills. The addition of a fire extinguisher is always a good choice. You should choose a dry powder extinguisher. Although a water-based fire extinguisher will put out most the fire, you may be dealing with oils and fats that may quickly spread when a fire takes on its own life.

A fire blanket may be of assistance if you need to cover the entire area and remove the oxygen flow, which will put out the fire. This also stops the fire from jumping from your cooking area and onto garden areas which may help the flames cover ground quicker.

Before attempting to empty or clean backyard fire pits in Sarasota FL, you should allow them to cool down completely, and it is important never to throw any of the heated and burnt wood into a dustbin, in case that causes yet another fire. Remember that fire spreads quickly through dry vegetation.

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