How to Get a Dog Ready for Professional Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. On top of providing adequate food, shelter, and water, a pet owner is responsible for a dog’s cleaning and hygienic care. Failing to do this can result in unhealthy skin conditions and an increase in external parasites on the pet’s skin. To help a dog be more comfortable, healthy, and active, it’s advisable for a pet owner to use professional Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA. These tips can assist in getting a dog ready for this care.

Preparing for Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA can start when a puppy is a few weeks’ old. While the first visit to a professional groomer should take place after a puppy has had all his shots, home-based grooming can begin sooner. First, get your puppy used to being handled. A majority of dogs like to be held and petted. A pet owner can also massage a puppy on a daily basis. Start out slowly and perform this task in short intervals, increasing as the puppy becomes used to the massages.

It’s a good idea to purchase a few grooming tools. Don’t buy the large ones. Instead, buy tools designed for puppies. Make these tools a part of your dog’s daily life. Let your dog sniff the grooming equipment to get used to it. Next, slowly start brushing and washing your puppy. Again, do this in short increments of time. Choose a time when your pet is normally awake and alert. A sleepy or hungry dog can get fussy. Place the tools next to the puppy’s feeding dishes so he can get used to them. Eventually, the puppy will likely respond to home-based grooming like it is an average daily task.

For a dog to receive professional grooming, it’s necessary for him to ride in a pet carrier. Make this carrier device a part of your pet’s daily life. Allow him to venture into it on his own. Ensure that the one purchased is large enough for a dog to stand in comfortably without bending down to turn around. By using these tips, a pet owner can have his dog groomed by a caring team of professionals like the ones at Fort Hunt Animal Hospital. Please visit the website or their Facebook page to learn more about this facility’s services.

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