Get the Legal Help Needed with Child Custody in Paulding County

Determining who will have custody is usually a highly-contested legal issue. Whether the parents are married, living together or in separate houses, this heartfelt decision can become emotionally draining on the parents as well as the children. A case involving custody in Paulding County will require legal representation to protect a parent’s and child’s interest. A custody order is never final in Georgia as circumstances can change with the family dynamics and a modification of the custody could be ordered. Although a parent may feel the court sides with one parent or the other, the court is only concerned about the relationship of the child with each parent.

A parent that has been absent from the child’s life or has not built a relationship with them may not receive custody. Child custody disputes can become very hostile and contested, that is why hiring an attorney with experience in child custody in Paulding County is very important. Even if an agreement can be reached between the two parents, an attorney should review the agreement so there are no difficult legal matters to resolve down the road due to a faulty or one-sided agreement.

In order for a child custody case to be heard, the court must have two separate types of jurisdiction. One type of jurisdiction is personal and the other is subject matter. There are both federal and state laws that govern child custody in Georgia. Georgia must have been the home state of the child during the last six months before the filing and the parent must continue to live in Georgia. Even if the child is no longer in the state because they were removed by the other parent claiming to have custody, both the child and the parent must have contacts in the state such as school, work, payment of taxes to the state and other various items.

There are many other rules in Georgia for a parent to file for custody of their child. These laws can become complicated when couples are moving through the state or move quite frequently. For more information on child custody, please feel free to visit Website Domain.

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