How To Choose the Right Carpet in St. Paul For Your Room

The floor covering under your feet is just as important to a room’s decorative style as the wall covering or the furnishings. In fact, it’s even more important because it gets the most wear of any of the elements in the room. Whether you prefer bare wood flooring or a carpeted area, there are some factors you need to consider before you purchase the first kind of floor covering that catches your eye. When choosing carpet in St. Paul, think first about how you use the room in which it will be installed.

Some carpet is manufactured to stand up to high traffic, while other kinds will quickly become dirty and worn. Plush carpeting, also known as Saxony carpeting, features soft and dense fibers cut to the same size for a luxurious feel. This kind of carpet won’t handle lots of foot traffic as well as other kinds of carpet and is therefore recommended for use in rooms that don’t get as much use, such master bedrooms and dining rooms. High-traffic areas like family rooms and children’s bedrooms benefit from textured carpets that feature fibers cut at different lengths. Some of the more familiar types of carpet you might want to consider include Berber carpet, also called loop carpet, or Cut and Loop carpet. Each of these textured carpets offer a wide range of benefits, with durability at the top of the list.

The type of carpet fiber is also an important consideration. While the vast majority of carpeting fibers are synthetic, wool is a natural fiber also featured in carpeting. Wool offers a softer and denser, more plush feel, but is the most expensive of any type of carpeting. Nylon, polyester and polypropolene fibers are less costly. Nylon offers the best value due to its stain resistance, durability and variety of styles and colors.

When you’re searching for Carpet in St. Paul, look for a recognized manufacturer who will stand by its products. The best way to shop for and choose the carpeting that will work well in your home is to check the density of the fibers in the samples. The more densely the fibers are packed, the more durable the carpeting will be. When you’ve found the style, color and type of carpeting you prefer, contact Galaxie Floor Stores for expert installation.

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