How To Choose The Best Water Conditioners In Jacksonville, FL

There are several important factors to keep in mind when selecting the best water conditioners in Jacksonville, FL for your home or commercial building. The biggest mistake that consumers make is to simply choose a water softener system based on what someone is using in their home or business.

These new systems are highly efficient and very cost effective to operate. They can be set up to use sodium chloride (salt) or potassium chloride in pelleted form if salt in the water is a health concern. Even with the salt systems there is minimal salt transferred to the water, typically not impacting overall sodium intake levels.

Getting Water Tested

Water, depending on the source, can vary between households. This is particularly true when using well water or when comparing water from different cities or municipalities. Having your water tested is essential in order to find out the best water conditioners in Jacksonville, FL for your unique water quality.

For those on well water, it is important to understand the height of the water table will make a difference in the hardness of the water. It is always important to use a testing service, or a company offering free testing, and is an experienced company in Jacksonville and in your area. This will allow them to provide you with the range of readings you can expect during periods of both high and low water table levels.

The Size

The size you select in water conditioners in Jacksonville, FL for a home or business is another critical factor. Once you know the hardness of the water, you then need to have a system that can handle all the water your home or business will need.

To determine the size of water conditioners in Jacksonville, FL to meet your needs, the company supplying the water conditioner will need to know the number of people in your home or business. This allows them to use standard usage rate measurements to determine the minimum size of system you will need.

It is never recommended to go below the minimum recommended size from an expert on installing water conditioners in Jacksonville, FL. Smaller sized units result in problems with the system not functioning effectively and efficiently. It can also result in much more frequent regeneration of the system, especially if you are on a metered system.

As there are different options in water conditioners in Jacksonville, FL, including those which need a drain for regeneration and those that can use a hose hook-up for ease of installation, talking about your options with your installer is important before making a purchase.

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