How to Choose a Focal Point for the Rooms in your Home

Ottawa Furniture Stores sell many different pieces from major sofas and beds to accessories to help complete the look of a room. When selecting furniture for your home it is important to consider if you want it to be a focal point, or to blend in with the room.


Ottawa furniture stores will sell major pieces such as sofas for a living room and beds for a bedroom. These items traditionally become the focal point in a room and when you want them to be the main draw to the eye it is important to choose wisely. A sofa for example will require a pop of colour or texture to become the focal point in a room. Therefore you have to avoid neutral colours that will make the sofa blend in with the walls and disappear. Instead look for geometric patterns or choose a colour that is vibrant such as reds, blues or something elegant such as black. In the bedroom, you would need an ornate bed, or use your bedding to create interest. Use the same premise as choosing a sofa when choosing your bedding to help set the bed as the main focal point in the room.


Often a large painting or wall art can become the focal point in a room. If this is the route you wish to take then you should look at a modern and solid wood furniture store in Ottawa for neutral items that will blend in with the room and allow the art to stand out. Avoid bright colours and large geometrics and instead look at colours that blend in with the walls. Also do not choose textured fabrics. Look for ultra suedes and smooth fabrics that will be subtle and soft.

Accent Wall

You can use paint to create an accent wall and today many designers are looking to large geometric patterns in wall paper to add a splash of personality to a room. In this case you can use your accent wall as a focal point and adorn it with interesting art to create a focal point that really pops. Again when shopping at your Ottawa furniture stores you want to look for a couch that will blend in with the wall colour. If you choose a neutral it will add contrast to the room and bring attention to the sofa.

Shops such as Simply Wood Furnishings can offer plenty of ideas to set the tone for your space creating focal points or blending into the background.

If you are looking for Ottawa furniture stores to furnish your home Simply Wood has the stylish items you want. 


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