Five Fun Facts About Ballroom Dance

Whether you are new to ballroom dance or you have been dancing for many years, you will agree that ballroom dancing is engaging and fun. Yet it is also an art form that must be fully mastered if it is to be excelled at. If you are considering taking ballroom dance lessons for the first time, here are five fun facts you should know.

Fun Fact 1

Ballroom dancing originated from the waltz which used to be done in Victorian times. However this exciting dance was met with stiff opposition at first because the close hold was thought of as improper. Nowadays the fun and flirtatious dance is fun for new and seasoned dancers alike.

Fun Fact 2

In the earlier days, ballroom dance was thought to be a dance form exclusive to those who were wealthy and privileged. Those who were in the lower classes were not encouraged to participate in this dance form and if they did, it was done behind closed doors. In present times, anyone who wishes can sign up for ballroom dance classes and take part in this exciting and engaging form of dance.

Fun Fact 3

Ballroom dance is an excellent form of exercise and strengthens the cardiovascular muscles. Not only is it excellent for the spinal column and joints but it also builds muscle tone at the same time. When incorporated as part of a regular workout regime, the individual will see many health benefits as a result. In addition, this type of dance is great at reducing stress as it is easy to let off steam and focus on the fun of the moment.

Fun Fact 4

Ballroom dance is often associated with the dance of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Their onscreen dancing moves during the 1930s were a great source of inspiration for many future dancers even though their dance moves were highly choreographed.

Fun Fact 5

Over the years, ballroom dance has evolved from a past time of the rich to a competitive sport in and of itself. There are international competitions held yearly with competitors from at least 30 different countries.

Ballroom dance is fun whether you are learning on your own or with a friend. It is an excellent form of creative expression, exciting competition, and stress relief.

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