How to Choose a Cleaning Service in Chandler

There are many reasons to choose a cleaning service, though the most notable is to free up time for other activities like work, school, or volunteer work. Choosing such a service is not easy. It requires research, trust, and a mutual understanding of the required duties. First, one should consider one’s needs and the services offered by various companies. For example, some cleaners only provide basic cleaning like sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming, while others will do the laundry, ironing, or clean the windows and carpets.

Local companies are sometimes favored over national ones because of the ability to build a relationship and contribute to the local economy. The frequency of cleanings must also be considered. Some companies offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly assistance. One should consider whether all natural products, environmentally safe products, or chemical products will be used. In some cases, services provide the products while in others, it is the homeowner’s responsibility. Do not hesitate to discuss fees with any cleaning service in Chandler. When one asks about the fee structure, be sure to find out whether the company charges by the hour or a flat rate. A company is more likely to have secure employees if references are provided. Most importantly, the company should have liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance if it is a state law.

One popular Cleaning Service in Chandler is MaidPro of East Valley and Chandler which has been in business since 2012. This service cleans kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and dusts rooms automatically. Additional services are available if so desired. All clients undergo background checks before employment. They are bonded and insured with the company. Bonded employees are members of the staff who are bound by an insurance agreement. This agreement guarantees the repayment of any financial loss on the part of the employee. This is a safe measure that demonstrates the employees are reliable and trustworthy, which is incredibly necessary in a service such as this. Most importantly, each employee receives extensive training to provide excellent service each time. With their 49-Point Checklist, clients are able to provide extensive comments and review of each service and employee.

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