How Subterranean Termites in Baltimore MD Find Cellulose for Their Nutritional Needs

Unlike other pests that homeowners want removed because the critters have taken up residence in the house, subterranean Termites in Baltimore MD cause substantial damage even though they only rarely move inside. Instead, they live underground outdoors and travel back and forth from their nest to wood structures that provide them with the cellulose they need for food. They only can live above ground in damp conditions.

Foraging in a Pattern

A colony of termites in Baltimore MD begins looking for food by foraging in increasingly wide areas around its nest. Their tunnels extend outward from the nest in patterns like rays from a sun. This is an intelligent design since they don’t repeat any futile searches for dead wood or other sources of cellulose. This is a primary reason that pest control experts tell homeowners not to store firewood near the house, as the bugs may find that wood and continue on into the home.

Attraction to Moisture

Termites also are strongly attracted to moisture, so damp areas around dead wood make for a double whammy. Water damage to a wood foundation, as well as chronic dampness there, is an attractant. So are puddles of water left standing around deck or fence posts. Crawl spaces that are too humid also appeal to the insects.

Mud Tubes for Travel

Termites may construct tubes made of mud that allow them to travel along the ground or inside a structure without being seen. This also protects them from the air, which dries out their bodies. Sometimes these tubes are the first sign of an infestation. Homeowners may have no idea what they are, but searching online provides the alarming information.

Pest Control Assistance

Subterranean termites cause extraordinary amounts of destruction to houses and other buildings every year, with dollar amounts for that damage numbering in the billions. Homeowners who suspect or have confirmed that termites have been active in or around the house may schedule an appointment with a company such as Atlas Exterminator Co. If there is a termite infestation, the pest control workers take appropriate action to eliminate the bugs and prevent them from invading again.

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