Added Services From Metal Heat Treating Companies In Houston

With the large industrial and manufacturing sector in Houston, there are several different options in metal heat treating companies in and around the city. Many of these companies specialize in a small number of heat treating processes or may focus in on working in one specific sector, such as components for the oil and gas industry, aerospace or medical device part processing.

Other thermal process companies offer the full spectrum of processes and work with companies across multiple industries. These larger companies may have specific processes offered in their Houston location with the option to complete other processes in different facilities. This model allows for faster production, higher capacity and the ability to have the specialized equipment and engineers on-site where the processes are used.

In addition to the specific processes offered by metal heat treating companies, taking a closer look at the secondary services and operations offered by the company is important. By using one outsourced service to complete a range of different operations, supply chain and logistics costs can be reduced, quality control can be enhanced, and the OEM only has to work with one service provider.

Secondary Operations to Consider

Ideally, taking a look at all of the secondary operations offered by metal heat treating companies and comparing these to your needs with the current production requirements as well as future requirements is a good starting point.

Some of the most common operations offered by heat treating services including cleaning of the parts and components pre-process and some even offer component procurement services. Welding services, including MIG and TOB as well as projection and resistance welding, are commonly required for parts and components across most industries.

Assembly services, as well as testing of parts and components, are also options to consider. Finally, look for services that offer inspections of all parts, which is essential in many specialized industries.

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