How Online Quit Smoking Programs Work

Quitting smoking is a process that every smoker should go through. This is because it gives them a better quality of life, reduces their risk of developing cancer, and generally increases the length of their life. It is however not an easy process and you may need the intervention of a professional like a doctor.

Taking the step to visit a doctor or a support group may be difficult because it requires time, money and commitment. However, emotional supports and encouragement are both considered essential in the quitting process.

Life has ultimately become quite busy and challenging for most of us, and even those who are severely determined to quit smoking may have minimal time to spare for attending sessions and support groups. It is due to these and other reasons that many smokers have begun using quit smoking programs online.

These programs use the internet to reach the patient and help them through the process of quitting smoking. It may start with signing up on a website so as to identify those that are interested in the program. Communication is done mainly via email supports and is available 7 days a week without the hassle of leaving your home or work.  Professionals serve as quit coaches to help the smokers in their desire to quit.

Going forward the quit coach may use the internet to pass along information using videos. Another option is to send manuals and videos in CDs and DVDs to the targeted patient. The sessions continue until the coach feels that the patient has made considerable strides or until they quit altogether.

There are also online forums where smokers and ex-smokers share their experiences with each other for the purpose of sharing strategies and also reducing stress since talking about struggles reduces the amount of stress you have to deal with. Stress is a major reason why most people smoke, so dealing with those stressors usually improves the effectiveness of the program.

Those who would like to remain anonymous as they quit can also benefit from this online method, because chances of people knowing exactly who you are on an online forum are very small. The anonymity may help others quit faster since there is minimal shame experienced around faceless people, meaning that sharing becomes a little easier.
Most of the information shared and obtained through quit smoking programs online is tried and tested by the smokers and ex-smokers themselves.  Research has shown this method to be highly effective. The ease of use may give the patients more willingness to try out the program and experience its effectiveness for themselves.


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