How Nutrition Plays a Vital Role With Chiropractic Care in Tupelo MS

Chiropractic care consists of non-invasive treatments for disorders such as back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, neck pain and other disorders. The types of treatments given will depend on the specific problem you have. The care plan is generally comprehensive in nature and there is much more to it than adjustments and specific exercises. A professional who does Chiropractic Tupelo MS will focus on an approach which is much different than conventional medicine. Part of this treatment regimen may included clinical nutrition. Let’s take a closer look at how nutrition can help.

A Chiropractor can determine what type of nutritional needs your body has when they do a blood screen. This blood testing will assess your immune system, thyroid, blood sugar, liver function, kidney function and more. The results obtained will give them an idea of what type of nutrients your body is lacking. This is where Clinical Nutrition comes into play. The recommendations made to you will be based on facts obtained by the blood testing done.

Whenever it is determined that your body has special nutritional need, recommendations will be made to you. This may consist of adding or taking away specific foods from your diet. You may also be told there are particular herbs or nutrients that you need to add to your diet. These recommendations will be based on the fact that your blood work showed that you need or don’t need these particular things in your diet.

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