Acquiring The Assistance Of An Overtime Claims Lawyer In Houston

The Filteau and Sullivan law firm provides you with an Overtime Claims Lawyer in Houston   A Lawyers practising within this law field offer you legal advice that relates to wage and hour based occurrences, which could be deemed unethical or even illegal. If you suspect that your employer is failing to pay overtime rates for hours that exceed the standard work week, it is vital that you speak to an attorney immediately to establish your rights.

Overtime and the Litigation Process

By law, all employers are required to pay their employees time and a half time for any hours that exceed the normal work week. The average work week consists of forty hours. Any hours in which an employee works during this work week that exceed forty hours is considered overtime.

Under United States labour laws, the employee is legally required to pay the employee their hourly rate plus one-half of their hourly rate for any hours that exceed the normal work week. If an employer fails to abide by these rates, he or she is in direct violations of these laws, and the employee has an actionable claim against the employer.

Litigation for Employees

Any employee who gathers evidence to prove that their employer has failed to pay them overtime rates for work performed may present their case in court. Through the litigation process, the employee is filing a lawsuit against the employer for these lost wages. In some instances, the case is taken to small claims court. However, if the violation of labour laws has persisted for a significant amount of time it is probable that the case may appear within a higher court.


An Overtime Claims Lawyer in Houston is familiar with wage and hour laws that apply to the pay received by workers. It is through court proceedings that these attorneys fight for the rights of the workers and ensure that they are paid fairly by their respective employers. When it is discovered that an employer is violating these rights, these attorneys step in to enforce labour laws. If your employer has failed to pay you at overtime rates for your hard work, you should consult an attorney at once to establish your rights. For more info, visit website.

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