How Exterminators do Ant Control in Tulsa, OK

Depending on the species, ants can be annoying, destructive, painful, or a combination of all three. In any case, you’ll surely want ant control in Tulsa, OK if these insects are getting into the house. Smashing them one-by-one only works if all that you’re seeing is a scout or two. Once the rest of the hill knows where the food is, it’s time to hire a pest control company to take more efficient measures.

A combination of indoor and outdoor methods is typical for an ant control program. Indoors, bait stations may be set up to cause the ants to bring poison back to their nest. This can take a while to work, but if the ants can be fooled into taking the bait, it can eventually wipe out the entire nest. Ants pass food between each other, so only a few need to take the bait to cause devastation to the colony.

Outdoors, baits take a different form. When ant nests are visible, bait granules are typically sprinkled on top for the ants to take and eat. Since the ants are also naturally inclined to clean foreign materials off of their hills, they’ll usually take this sort of bait quite quickly. The only catch is that sometimes, it’s not possible to find all of the target nests. Alternatively, those nests may be on the wrong side of the property line. In these cases, outdoor bait stations will need to be used instead.

Sprays typically aren’t very effective at exterminating ants, but they sometimes have a place in a program for ant control in Tulsa, OK. The main point of spraying is to set up a barrier that deters the ants from passing over it. Therefore, many pest control companies won’t even bother with sprays for ants.

Pest control companies will typically treat multiple kinds of infestations. Therefore, you can have multiple infestations treated by the same exterminator. When you call about ants, be sure to ask about things like termite control, flea control, or bed bug extermination in Tulsa, OK. You may find it worthwhile to have them bring along something special for more than just the ants.

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