Have Fun in a Kids Play Tent

A kid’s play tent is not just for your children. In fact, you can get quite a lot of enjoyment out of watching your children and their friends play in a kids play tent. Consider letting the neighborhood kids come play in a tent made specifically for children. This type of tent is not just for the outdoors. They are constructed in bright and friendly colors that engage children and allow them to use their imaginations while playing together. Some newer kids play tents have towers that simply allow a child’s imagination to blossom. A children’s play tent is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, as well. Parents that want to let their kids have a ‘sleepover’, can construct the tent in a playroom or living room, and let their kids have loads of fun pretending to camp like adults in the wilderness.

Versatile Play Tents

Since kids play tents can be freestanding, they work well on vinyl flooring and hardwood. Most kid-friendly tents do not need any tools in order to assemble them either. Encourage your kids to play in this fun and frolicking investment by joining them! Kid’s tents are great fun for the whole family and give you time to re-connect with your children. These types of tents can come in many forms that include special designs for boys and girls, and even castles. There is no better gift than a kid’s tent that can be used while camping or just at home.

The Playful Construction of a Kid’s Tent

The construction of a kid’s tent can differ per manufacturer. Typically they come with windows that allow little heads to pop out of tents and offer good ventilation. They even have roll down covers that provide privacy. Some tents include skylights that make sure the inside has plenty of light so parents can see exactly what is happening while children are playing. Since kids tend to be messy, especially when they are playing, a Scotch Guarded tent it a must, allowing dirt and grime to be wiped off with a damp cloth and soap. When only the best quality kids play tent will do, make sure the fabric meets CPAI standards.

Canopy Mart puts the fun back in camping for kids with a wide selection of kids play tents. Pick out a play tent with your kids and get ready to have some fun!



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