How Does the Family Dentist in Madison AL Treat a Cavity?

Cavities are one of the most common dental concerns. Cavities are the reason for most dental office visits. If a cavity is not caught and treated early, it can quickly destroy your tooth or at the very least cause permanent damage. This is why it is crucial you know the signs to look for so you can know when you need to call the Family dentist in Madison AL.

* One of the first signs people notice when they have a cavity is pain. The pain from a cavity can be excruciating. Once you begin to feel pain from a cavity, this means the cavity has progressed into the inner portions of the tooth. This is when it begins to affect your nerve.

* You may also notice white spots or lines. Once a cavity progresses, it can cause dark spots on your teeth. Any abnormal marks or coloring should be checked by your dentist.

* If you have increased sensitivity when biting down, eating sweets or consuming hot or cold foods, this can also be a sign of a cavity. People often notice these signs but overlook them and do not realize they are a major sign of problems.

* Foul breath may be a sign of advanced decay. If you have chronic bad breath and it does not get better after your teeth are brushed, you may need to be checked for a cavity.

Cavities can be treated by your dentist and respond best when they are treated early. The family dentist in Madison AL will first remove the decayed areas. This leaves behind an opening that will need to be filled.

Filling materials can be made of composite materials, porcelain or metal alloys. Your dentist will decide on which filling to use so you can get the best protection. This will seal off your tooth so the nerve no longer causes you pain.

To learn more about cavity care, visit . They can offer you the dental services you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Call today and schedule an appointment so you can make sure your cavity is properly cared for.

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