Considering Options for New Water Heaters in Westchester NY

After years of faithful service, the water heater has finally stopped working. Since there is the need to replace it as quickly as possible, it makes sense for the homeowner to contact a plumber and begin considering different options. As part of the process, it pays to think about what benefits and features are available with new Water Heaters in Westchester NY.

Considering Tank Capacity

If the homeowner prefers to stick with Water Heaters in Westchester NY that include tanks in the design, revisiting the issue of capacity is a good idea. This means taking the time to assess how much hot water the household needs at any given time. Is there enough for everyone to have a hot shower in the morning? Perhaps the idea of running the washing machine and the dishwasher at the same time is out of the question. When the current heater was not supplying enough hot water, it is worth considering the purchase of a new unit that will provide a greater supply.

Going Tankless

Another approach is to do away with the bulky tank altogether. Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand. This essentially means that unless there is an interruption in the power supply, the family can enjoy all the hot water they want any time of the day or night. There will be no more cold showers, and there is always hot water for the laundry, even after everyone just finished taking their showers.

Energy Rating

With both traditional and tankless models, always check the energy rating of the heater before making a purchase. The goal is to invest in a heater that provides the greatest supply with the lowest rate of energy consumption. Expect to pay a little more for this feature, but know that the difference will easily be offset by the savings on the utility bills each month.

For help with selecting and installing a new hot water heater, contact the team at Cassidy Plumbing Westchester NY. They can help homeowners assess their needs and make recommendations for various designs. Once the homeowner selects the new heater, the technicians can make sure that it is installed properly and in line with local safety codes. Browse website for more information.

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