How a Facial Fat Transfer Works & Improves Overall Skin Health & Appearance

Have you ever noticed how older skin tends to lose its fullness and begins to display wrinkles, creases and fine lines as time moves on? The marked decrease of various hormones and other changing body elements during the natural aging process is part of the reason why more mature skin develops certain problems common in aging skin. These include increased pigmentation, age spots, exceptionally dry and scaly skin, loss of skin tone and more. A simple fat transfer that a Chicago plastic surgery center offers can help turn-back-the-clock on aging symptoms.

What Is a Facial Fat Transfer?

Aging changes, like post-menopausal hormone loss and other factors, result in a decline in facial fat amounts along with loss of the skin’s natural moisture content. This ends up making the person look older. With a facial fat transfer by a Chicago plastic surgeon, natural stores of unwanted fat are carefully removed from body regions where excess fat cells are not desired. The surgeon then will inject the gathered fat back into facial areas that previously had ample fat volume when the person was younger.

What Regions of the Face Can Be Treated With Fat Transfers?

A plastic surgeon can take the unwanted fat from hips, upper inner thighs, flanks and abdomen and transfer it to any facial region where other dermal fillers can be used. Some areas that do well with fat transfers include the cheeks, eye area, Marionette lines, chin, temples, smile lines and nasolabial folds.

What Are Some Benefits of Undergoing a Fat Transfer?

Since the injected fat grafts are taken from the patient’s own body areas, this method of increasing skin volume is easier to tolerate. Some fat could get absorbed into the body. Whatever doesn’t, likely remains.

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