Here Are 3 Reasons Why the S60 Volvo Might Be the Best Choice for You

A pre-owned Volvo in Barrington could be a great car to buy for your family if you’re considering an auto purchase in the future. Here are a few reasons for you to include it among your possible choices for a car to transport you or your family in style and safety.

Safety Scores and High-Tech Features

The Volvo S60 received a perfect 10 score for driver and passenger safety from U.S. News and World Report in its recent ratings. In addition to this high safety score, the Volvo S60 contains a myriad of high-tech safety features such as antilock brakes, anti-whiplash, a security system, and more.

Massive Horsepower

The Volvo S60 has a lot of horsepower if you’re looking for the thrill and rush of a sports car without having an actual sports car. Depending on which model of this automobile that you invest in, its horsepower could vary from a low of 240 to a high of 362 or more.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

This car’s fuel efficiency is another reason to invest in the model because it will enable you and your family to go a long way without having to stop as many times to fill up the tank. You can get up to 25 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway from this model, on average, but of course each driver’s mileage could vary.

You’ve just heard three legitimate reasons to invest in the Volvo S60 next time around. Contact a reliable dealership and ask about its inventory of pre-owned Volvo in Barrington. The dealership may most likely have an S60 that you can take a test-drive in to see if it suits your needs.

Contact McGrath Volvo Cars Barrington for more information on the S60 and other models that it has available.

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