Home Waterproofing Contractor in Wakefield MA

Water penetration is a serious issue for any home. Even a small amount of water can cause a lot of damage. If that damage is left unseen for a long period of time mold and mildew will grow, causing health problems for everyone in the home. All it takes is a single leak in the basement of a home to start causing damage. Any items stored in the basement can quickly become contaminated with mold and end up having to be disposed of. Wiring or electrical components in the basement could be damaged, posing a fire hazard and putting everyone in danger. not every basement leaks but sometimes is can be hard to tell if there is water penetration. Basement leaks aren’t always obvious and spotting them can be tricky, mostly because there are many different ways for water to penetrate a home.

One of the most common kinds of issues in a basement is a horizontal leak in the foundation wall. With a waterproofing contractor in Wakefield MA, these leaks can be detected and sealed right away. There are also over-the-top foundation leaks that could be allowing water to creep over the concrete portion of the basement. These repairs are a little more expensive but if they aren’t repaired quickly there is a bigger risk of damage to the home. Joint seepage is another kind of leak common in older homes. As the soil around the home shifts, the concrete can be pulled slightly apart, allowing water into the home. A Waterproofing Contractor in Wakefield MA can help seal the leak once the foundation of the home is checked and repaired.

Homeowners should be diligent in checking for leaks in their basement. Moisture along the walls is an obvious sign of leaks. Because water might not necessarily be coming from underground there could be water along higher parts of the walls. Homeowners need to be sure to check their entire basement for excess moisture. Calling a service provider for an annual inspection is recommended for homes more than ten years old.

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