Hiring a Professional Private Investigator in Atlanta- Are They Useful?

A private investigator in Atlanta can perform a lot of different duties. While movies depict private investigators as sleuths with silky smooth skills who uncover massive mysteries, the job of a real life private investigator is quite different. In Atlanta, the largest and most populous city of Georgia, a private investigator can help clients get a lot of important information, which would be inaccessible otherwise.

There are two options available for people who want to hire a private investigator in Atlanta. The first option is to hire the services of an independent investigator. Independent investigators are licensed operatives, and offer undercover services in exchange for a payment. Several licensed investigators also offer independent services, however their job is mostly freelance. The second option is to contact a private investigation agency. PI agencies keep licensed private investigators on their payroll, and provide them with the resources and training to perform their job in the best possible capacity. Here are a few reasons why a private investigator in Atlanta is a useful option:

Infidelity Surveillance

Thousands of couples have doubts on each other. In Atlanta, infidelity is one of the major reasons for divorce. However, without professional experience and knowledge, stalking one another can be difficult, and the stalker can be easily spotted. This can lead to further troubles in a relationship. A private investigator in Atlanta can do the same job, without being caught out. These are professionals, with advanced tech and training on how to blend in to the crowd. For those who have doubts on their partners, private investigators can provide confirmation on whether the doubts are true, or simply misplaced.

Missing Persons

Many private investigation agencies also offer investigation services for missing person cases. Patrons, who are searching for a loved one, can hire the services of a private investigator. These investigators work with professional agencies. Using their skills and resources available, they can procure information about missing persons. Many private investigation agencies boast excellent records of helping find missing persons. Some are even contacted by the police for help in official cases.

Criminal Investigations

Private investigation agencies also offer detailed investigations into persons suspected of criminal activity. Most cell phone forensics services revolve around recovery. Private investigation agencies use sophisticated hardware in order to recover data that may have been deleted by an unsuspecting individual. Many times, police agencies also contract with private investigation firms to provide surveillance on suspected criminals.

DNA Testing Services

Some authorized private investigation agencies offer DNA testing as a service too. This is an irrefutable piece of evidence that is highly useful in cases of infidelity or criminals. DNA evidence is admissible in a court of law, and is also used to determine whether a person was using drugs, or to prove their innocence.

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