Adolescent Drug Rehab in the City of Angels

Why do teens/adolescents use alcohol and drugs?

Many teens try alcohol or drugs for the first time because of a number of different reasons, one of which unfortunately could be peer pressure. There are teens who try it and scratch it off their bucket list, and then there are teens who enjoy it a little too much and soon find themselves surrendering control of their life to their cravings. Adolescents become substance abusers for a number of reasons, listed below is just the tip of the iceberg:

It makes them feel good.

They want to fit in and be part of the group.

They believe it makes them more mature.

They like to take risks in order to make their lives more exciting.

Problems at home or school.

Poor self-esteem.

Emotional and mental health problems.

Teens Diseases

Teens are apt to return to alcoholism or other substances because they have a tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems which normally plague them; the things everyone has to endure and experience. It is heart wrenching when a family realizes their teen is afflicted with addiction. Alcoholism, like substance addiction, is considered a disease and is treated as such. A good multidisciplinary team approach is best in the initial evaluation and treatment of a teen’s substance abuse issue.

Rehab Specialists for Adolescents

Facilities which specialize in adolescent drug rehab have specialists who are committed to providing comprehensive treatments in a caring, supportive and safe environment. The well trained staffs in these rehab centers include a child psychiatrist who works closely with adolescent psychologists, psychiatric nurses, clinical social workers, special education teachers, occupational therapists, pediatricians, neurologists, and endocrinologists, most of whom are available 24 hours a day.

Treatment Programs

Treatments start with a thorough medical history report, a physical assessment and exam from a medical practitioner. Other clinical assessments include a complete assessment of academics, nutrition, leisure skills, drug history, strengths, weaknesses, and past family interactions in preparation for family therapy. Adolescent drug rehab is conducted with support in the form of professionally assisted detox, as well as family, one on one, and group therapy. Spirituality is incorporated into most treatment plans, as adolescents can take part in sessions involving yoga, prayer, meditation, relaxation techniques, spirituality groups, and church attendance. Physical fitness is encouraged in order to regain physical strength and confidence. All work and no play is no fun, therefore recreational therapy is a part of recovery programs, adolescents can go bowling, horseback riding, play miniature golf, take in a movie, or partake in volunteering.

California’s Adolescent Rehab

The Adolescent Growth facilities’ motto is “treating the individual, healing the family.” They understand recovery progresses one thought at a time, one choice at a time, and one commitment at a time. They have treatment facilities located throughout Los Angeles County, CA. area and treat teenagers from 12 to 17 years old. Their belief is teens need to have ideas and techniques practiced and ready to use before they go home. The Adolescent Growth relapse plans are an important step towards drug and alcohol relapse prevention, staying sober, and ultimately helping the patient to regain control of their life.

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