Hiring a Company That Handles Air Conditioning Repair in Richmond, VA Can Be Best for Maintenance Work on an Air Cooling System

One of the best ways to make sure a home’s air cooling system will be ready for the summer season is by keeping it well maintained. This type of work should be completed on most units at least once a year. During this type of maintenance, the unit can also be cleaned and inspected for any signs of disrepair, which might need to be fixed prior to use. It can often be best to schedule a technician from a company that handles Air Conditioning Repair to handle this work during the late winter or early spring months before the unit is actually needed.

When a technician begins pre-season maintenance on an air-cooling system, they will first want to check the thermostat to ensure it is operating correctly. They will need to test that the unit comes on and goes off according to the temperature on the device. The thermostat will also need to be checked to ensure it does not need to be calibrated. This is generally done by checking the reading on a thermostat versus the temperature that registers on another gauge, such as a digital infrared thermostat tool.

The technician from an Air Conditioning Repair in Richmond, VA will next spend time cleaning the system. Most systems have several units. The unit inside is the blower and it will be vacuumed inside and out. Vents on the unit will be cleaned using a brush and the fan blades on the unit will be wiped clean as well. This unit as an air filter, which is designed to trap most of the dirt and other matter this unit tends to collect. It will be inspected and replaced or cleaned as necessary.

Outside of the home, there is generally a large unit on a concrete pad not far from the home. This houses the condenser and evaporator units. A professional from an Affordable Home Appliance Repair service will need to clean these units as well. The large debris such as branches, leaves and grass cuttings will be removed after the housing is taken off. The coils on the condenser should be cleaned using a hose with a vacuum or with water coming from a high pressure water hose. If the coils are very dirty, the technician may need to use coil cleaner on them as well. The fins on the unit should be brushed clean as well.

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