The Benefits of Using Concrete Roof Deck on Your Next Building Project

If you have ever been involved in a roofing project, you are most likely aware of the need for roof insulation. This insulation must be sturdy and hold in warmth or keep out heat, but it must also be lightweight enough to use in roofing projects. If the insulation is too heavy, it will create structural stability issues that will not pass your building codes. With the latest lightweight concrete roof deck, you can rest assured your roofing project will be correctly insulated, without the bulk and heaviness of some of the older manufacturers of roofing deck.

What are the Benefits of Lightweight Concrete Roof Deck?

  • The lightweight Concrete Roof Deck is able to be used with a variety of adhesives and can stand up to most applications. With two inches of thick cover, the roof deck completely protects the underlying supports in the roofing system and will keep the building much more energy efficient than with older types of decking.

  • When a roof is being put into place, it often suffers from damage during the construction phase. When companies use traditional insulation boards, the material cannot hold up to most impacts, becoming cracked and even completely broken. When this happens, the progress on the job is slowed and time is wasted. With lightweight roof decks, workers can easily walk over them, not causing any damage.

  • In today’s building constructions, fire prevention is one of the hot topics. Builders typically do all they can to reduce the threat of fire in buildings. With these roofing materials, there is a strong fire-resistance. This fire-resistant material can go a long way in preventing complete destruction of the building, through fire.

  • Perhaps one of the best benefits of this type of roofing deck is its ability to resist moisture. This can dramatically improve the life of the roof, preventing water damage. In the long run, this can save tons of money on repairs and replacement costs.

If you are carrying out a roofing project and you want to learn more about these products and how they can make your construction much more sound, contact iCrete Technologies today. They will assist you in choosing the products to best meet your roofing needs.

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