Helping My Child With Autism Services In Green Bay, Wisconsin

Autism rates are going up, and the medical community is trying to learn why. The Centers for Disease Control says one out of fifty children have an autism-related disorder. Many parents of autistic children don’t know where to turn for help. The Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program has been assisting autistic children since 1998. Founder, Dr. Steven Klein, started the program and has over 25 years of experience in clinical psychology. Fox Valley is open to children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome or a related disorder.

Autism Services in Green Bay, WI, uses a treatment approach called ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis.) ABA is a treatment with a lot of research behind it, attesting to its value. Therapists work on a child’s problem areas, such as:

* communication

* self care and independent daily living skills

* social skills

* behavior problems and “meltdowns”

* sensory problems and over-sensitivity to touch, noise and other stimuli

* attention

* transition

* generalization of skills

The treatment program uses parental input in selecting which areas to work on. Each child must have at least twenty hours of face-to-face therapy per week. This time is spent working on therapy goals. The therapist works with the child on things like toilet training, communication, safety skills within the home and community and self-care skills. Patients work with line therapists, who are college students majoring in subjects like education, social work and psychology. Line therapists are overseen by senior therapists. Senior therapist have college degrees and over two-thousand hours working as a line therapist.

Autism services in Green Bay, WI, are aimed at keeping a child’s interest high, and task frustration low. Consequently, therapists want to learn what triggers disruption in the child’s behavior, and consequences that keep the child on task. Most health insurance companies cover the cost of the program. Children are also eligible for a medicaid waiver, but there’s usually a waiting list. Further, income does not determine eligibility for autism treatment funding. Most states require that children start the program before their eighth birthday. Some families choose to self-pay for the program, while they’re on the waiting list. Contact the program to find out the self-pay rates. Visit website for more details.


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