Helping An Elderly Person Get Used To Assisted Living in Spokane, WA

When an aging relative starts displaying signs they are having difficulty with normal household tasks due to limited mobility, it is likely family members will want to assist them as much as possible. When there is no one available to go to the person’s home, the quality of living for the elderly person can become an issue. Here are some ways that will make it easier for someone with mobility issues to get tasks done.

Place Items Within Reach

It is a good idea to change the interior of a home so items are in areas where the elderly person is able to reach them without difficulty. Placing shelves at lower levels, adding handrails along hallways and staircases, and installing intercom systems or placing phones in several spots can all be beneficial methods of keeping an aging person safe as they navigate their living space.

Hire Someone To Help

If it is difficult for family members to get to the person’s home on a routine basis, hiring an outside service to help with routine tasks is an option worth considering. The elderly person can save tasks that they are unable to do without assistance for the times when they know the caretaker will be on the premises. Lists should be made so the person does not forget to get the help they need at a time when there is a person available for this reason.

Consider A Move

Going to a facility that offers Assisted Living in Spokane WA is a great way to relieve worry about the relative’s health. Someone would be available at all times to assist with a variety of tasks, making it easy for the aging person to live without fearing being injured. The elderly person would still be able to enjoy their privacy, as assisted living facilities have living quarters available with minimal intrusions if desired.

When there is a desire to find out more about Assisted Living in Spokane WA, calling a local service to take a tour of their facilities is an option. Contact Orchard Crest Retirement Community today to find out more. Follow us on Twitter.

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