Contact A Mold Detection Service In Ashburn VA For A Thorough Inspection

Mold is a very dangerous substance that can develop within 48 to 72 hours after a water event. Water can easily creep into cracks and behind walls and be difficult to find. Without the help of Mold Detection Service in Ashburn VA, an individual will never know if they have a mold problem developing in hidden places.

A mold service can perform mold elimination, inspection, protection from mold, removal of mold growth, and removal of mold spores and toxins. Mold is very difficult to remove from a building because mold spores have the ability to travel through the ventilation system and through the air into other rooms.

A Flood Doesn’t Have To Occur For Mold To Develop

In order for mold to develop in a building, a flood doesn’t have to happen. A faulty air conditioning system or a leaking pipe or drain can cause a mold problem. Nonexistent or deteriorated vapor barriers in the basement or the walls of a home will permit excessive moisture to accumulate in a home.

The First Step Of Mold Removal

After a Mold Detection Service in Ashburn VA has determined there is a problem in a structure, the cause of the mold needs to be fixed. If the cause of the mold is not eliminated, the mold will continue to return.

Cleaning Mold

Only an experienced mold removal company should clean mold in a building. Bleach is only going to temporarily make the area look better, but the mold will return in a short amount of time. Areas of a building that do not have mold will need to be protected during the cleaning process.


Mold carries a lot of bacteria and other dangerous toxins that can cause breathing problems and other health conditions. A mold removal service can kill mold, mildew, and fungi and eliminate the chance for them to return. The removal service can also kill various types of bacteria, including resistant strains of E. coli, herpes simplex, and hepatitis.

If your home or business has a musty smell, there’s a good chance there’s mold growing inside of the structure. For more information about mold removal, please feel free to Click Here.

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