Help Rodent Control Services by Following Mice Evidence in the Home

Mice are trouble year round. Regardless of some populated myths in rodent control, mice are actually anything but harmless. Rats are worse, but it comes down to varying degrees of disease when handling these pesky rodents. Rodent Control Services will secure the entire property, inside and out, to keep all rodents off the property. To help facilitate this process, keep the interior of the home clean and do not leave food out. The exterior should be trimmed, keeping grass cut and landscaping kept to discourage mice from making homes and settling in the gardens. The garden is only a few steps away from the foundation and the kitchen. Also consider some interesting facts about mice for this season, including what they eat and how evidence of their presence can secure their main location.

What Do Mice Eat?

Mice love cheese in cartoons, but not necessarily in reality. Mice are especially attracted to foods high in carbs, so chocolate and bread are their main vices. Mice also love peanut butter. In general, mice love seeds and grains. Consider that when up keeping the exterior landscaping. Mice can live for a very long time without food, and they have also been known to resort to desperate measures to stay alive even longer.

What Can They Get Into?

In short, everything. Mice have no problem chewing through wires which can actually ruin the entire electrical hookup to the property. Unfortunately, this also dramatically increases the chance for a house fire. Mice will also naw at general household items. Anything that is soft (furniture legs, cardboard, plant pottery) is vulnerable to mice in the home. Keep an eye out for any evidence of this in the home to help Rodent Control Services in Jackson NJ isolate where the breach has occurred. Professionals can also follow their moving habits.

They are not actually eating the household items, interestingly. They are often using pieces of furniture fabric, wood chips and cardboard as building blocks for their nest. They are not likely to travel far from their nest when finding pieces and chips, so this type of evidence is key to figuring out their home’s location.

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