Find Out if Your Defective Vehicle is Covered Under Texas Lemon Law

Many new car owners are finding out that they have purchased a defective vehicle. Often, the seller of the vehicle was less than honest in the car’s description including condition of the car motor and other automobile parts. It is possible that your lemon vehicle could be covered under the current Texas lemon law regulations designed to protect consumers in just these types of situations.

Talk with Experienced Lemon Law Attorneys Who Understand the Law

These lemon laws differ across state lines, so it is essential that consumers contact a reliable and seasoned attorney that understands the specifics of Texas lemon law. This is the best strategy to find out if your car, truck or other vehicle would be considered covered. Don’t delay, as there are strict and tight timetables that must be met with filing the paperwork, getting a mechanical repair estimate and other deadlines.

A Lemon Law Attorney Has Access to Car History Records

Like any legal claim, proof must be submitted that your vehicle does indeed meet the lemon law requirements in the big state of Texas for consumer compensation, repair reimbursement or exchange. An attorney knowledgeable regarding the details of lemon law guidelines in your state will have access to certain car history records that the car owner may not be able to get quickly or easily.

Understand There Is a Necessary Process

Understanding lemon law processes can be difficult. Contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®.

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