Heating and Cooling SEO: Niche Industry Competition is Fierce

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful tools for any business. Many niche industries, such as HVAC companies, believe that they don’t need search engine optimization because there aren’t as many businesses in the area. However, heating and cooling SEO is essential to help you attract customers who already want your services and promote your brand without spending too much money.

Organic Traffic

The term organic traffic just means that you have people who are interested in your services and they locate you on the search page of the search engine and click through to your website. The goal for any business is to increase their organic traffic because it means that they don’t have to spend money to get people to visit them. For example, PPC campaigns cost you money because you have to create an ad and place it strategically on other sites. Then, when someone clicks the ad, they go to your website; some people may click accidentally or otherwise not want your services. Organic traffic means that people have searched for HVAC or heating and cooling services, found your business, and clicked the website link.

It’s all Online

In the past, you had a problem with your air conditioner or furnace, and you reached for the yellow pages or called a family member to get recommendations. Now, however, everything is done online within seconds. Your air conditioner breaks and you whip out your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and search for AC repair in a particular city and get bombarded with others. In most cases, the companies on that first page of results get seen while the rest don’t. It’s in your best interest to use search engine optimization to get yourself on that first page of results, ensuring that you have a better chance of getting chosen for the work.

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