Have An Off Road Adventure In Comfort With Toy Haulers In Des Moines

If you like bringing your toys with you when you go camping, but you don’t want the hassle of pulling a trailer, you should look at Toy Haulers in Des Moines. With this type of travel trailer, you can load your ATV, street bike or jet ski in the back of the trailer and take off on your adventure.

Q.) What makes a toy hauler different than a regular RV?
A.) Most toy haulers are made with living quarters in the front which include a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. In the back of the unit is a large open cargo area for your ATV or toy of choice. The toy hauler has a built in ramp so you can easily drive your toy in and out of the trailer. Since many owners will be taking their travel trailer to off road areas, toy haulers are made durable to handle bumpy, washed out roads and rocky areas. The ground clearance on a toy hauler is also higher so that the trailer doesn’t bottom out and rub the ground. The axles and chassis are built more rugged to handle the extra weight of the cargo in the back.

Q.) How big are toy haulers?
A.) Because of the large cargo space, toy haulers are made wider and many models have a width of 8 1/2 feet. These trailers also have more height inside with a minimum of 8 foot ceilings. You can purchase a toy hauler in different lengths from 12 feet for a box model up to 40 feet for a fifth wheel. Larger more expensive models are available with full bedrooms and ample living space. Smaller models may have collapsible furniture that folds up into the ceiling or against the walls. Since many people drive toy haulers into areas that don’t have full hook ups, Toy Haulers in Des Moines are self contained. The freshwater tanks are larger and the built in generators can power up the appliances and air conditioner.

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