Electronic Access Control for King of Prussia, PA Businesses Provides Much Better Security than Old-Fashioned Keys

Security is important for both homes and businesses, and there are many things that can enhance it in both types of locations. Businesses, however, often need to be able to have a more nuanced type of security than locks for the outer doors. Many companies will have employees at many different levels of clearance, so access control in King of Prussia, PA will need to be able to respond differently for each one.

A business doesn’t even have to be large to need a variety of access control levels. A grocery store, for example, may allow all employees into the stockroom and might even leave its doors open during business hours. However, it will likely restrict the ability to unlock the front doors to upper management, and only allow upper and middle managers to be able to open the door to the back office. When a safe is present, it is common for only one member of management to have the right to open it, but an armored car service may also need access. Therefore, security systems will need to ensure that each authorized employee can easily open what he needs to, while keeping unauthorized ones out.

The solution to different types of access control in King of Prussia PA, used to rely on simple keys. A key would be given to everyone who had the right to open a particular door. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to stymie such systems. A corrupt employee can just make a spare key and then give it to a partner in crime for a later robbery. Alternatively, a mold of the lock can be made by anyone who would like a key.

Luckily, modern technology like that installed by Servitutti has made this type of shenanigans much harder. Electronic card keys can be coded with each employee’s name and access rights to easily provide personalized access to everyone. Systems that keep track of all card uses make it easy to track down which key opened a door if anything unseemly happens. Since would-be thieves know that their name is embedded in the magnetic strip on their card key, most will be deterred from ever attempting to misuse the card.

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