Has Your Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits Been Denied?

All during the years that you are employed you pay taxes, a portion of the taxes you pay goes to Social Security so retirement benefits and disability benefits can be paid. Rarely is there even any dispute about your retirement benefits, but unfortunately the same cannot be said about disability benefits. It is easy to assume that when you need help, you will get it, after all, you have paid your FICA contributions. In many cases it doesn’t work this way, many of those that claim Social Security disability benefits are denied, as a matter of fact over 70 percent of applications are denied.

If you are one of those claimants that have been denied benefits, don’t give up, you can hire a Social Security lawyer in Santa Ana and appeal the decision.

Always appeal, don’t give up:

There are three things that you can do if your claim for disability benefits is denied:

   * You can give up
   * You can start over from scratch, or
   * You can hire a lawyer and appeal

The only wise choice is to appeal. Bear in mind that only 30 percent of claims are approved at the initial stage while more than 50 percent of those that appeal are finally approved for their benefits. As benefits start on the date of your initial application, don’t re-apply. First off, chances are your second application will also be denied and secondly, when you are finally approved you are giving up benefits that you would otherwise have received.

Always get legal help:

Before you appeal always seek the assistance of a qualified Social Security lawyer in Santa Ana. You don’t have to worry about paying legal fees at this time, your lawyer will only be paid when he or she wins your case, and then, in most cases, payment will be made directly from your back pay.

If your claim for disability benefits was denied you should always hire an experienced Social Security lawyer in Santa Ana and appeal the decision. To discuss your claim you are welcome to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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