4 Things to Consider Before You Order Those Metal Prints

Metallic prints—they’re shiny, durable and give you vibrant prints so what’s not to like? If you’re interested in having your photos printed on metal, the help and assistance of a good metal photo prints service in Massachusetts is going to prove invaluable. Here are some tips to help you figure out if you’ve got a one in your sights or not:

Range of products and services

Does the photo lab offer a good range of products and services? If your prints require an extensive range of colors, you’ll want to check with the lab if they can handle your requests. If that’s a go, then you’ll want to ask about…

Mounting and framing

These finishing services can save you a lot of time. You could talk to the staff and pick the mats and leave the mounting and framing to them. If you’re under a tight deadline and you need to get those prints, matted, framed and hung in record time, this can be a most convenient solution. If you think it’s likely that you’ll find yourself in a tight spot, look for a company for metal photo prints in Massachusetts that can provide you with this option. Some labs only stock limited supplies though, so it might be a good idea to give negotiate with them early on.

Online services

There are plenty of printing services that now offer online ordering systems. If the photo lab doesn’t provide this option, that could mean they aren’t on top of cutting-edge tools and technology. If you want the best results for your prints, finding a company that’s up-to-date on printing technologies and techniques might be a better bet, Shutterbugs says.

Color management

The importance of color management can’t be overstated. Make sure you pick a lab with staff that understand those principles and put them into practice.

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