Golf Clothing Etiquette

Golf clothing is a portion of the game’s decorum, maybe more so than any additional sport. Not just is there unspoken etiquette, yet many courses have a dress code which requires specific attire to play.


In almost all cases, courses require that guys wear collared shirts. Usually, this means microfiber, polyester, or traditional cotton golf shirts. Some golf course managers additionally permit golf clothes for men in Georgia with a turtleneck-styled collar. Ladies golf tops greatly vary, without or with collars, yet all adhere to a sense of modesty. That means no tube tops or bathing suit tops. Tank tops and t-shirts usually aren’t allowed for either women or men.

Pants and Shorts

Shorts which extend to the knee with a flat or pleated front usually are acceptable, particularly in hot months and in hotter states. Cotton includes a popular material for shorts, with khakis a common selection. A similar material is also common for pants, yet not required. Most golfers dress in pants designed of a material that is water resistant. Pants usually do not have cuffs that may collect grass and dirt. Jean shorts or jeans usually are prohibited. Ladies are allowed to dress in capris, long trousers, skorts/golf skirts, and dress shorts. Basketball, running, or workout shorts, and cut-off jeans usually aren’t allowed for either women or men.


Golfing shoes assist in stabilizing the player’s swing, allowing for traction while walking, and providing comfort within a round which may last several hours. Many of those shoes have spikes on their soles. Most courses currently require “soft” spikes designed of plastic or hard rubber, not traditional metal. Moreover, other kinds of shoes which might appear to provide the same stability and comfort aren’t necessarily allowed. Running shoes and sneakers sometimes are permitted on courses, yet not always. Boots, street shoes, and sandals aren’t allowed on many courses.

Socks will be as necessary with shoes as they are with any footwear in sports. Over time, socks have become a critical part of golfing attire, mostly because advances in fibers assisted in keeping golfers’ feet dry and comfortable.

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