Add Some Time-Honored Spice To Your Christmas With Fruit Cakes

Fruit cakes have been a major food consumed in Europe, especially England, at Christmastime for centuries. However, closer to the end of the 20th century, fruitcake had become rather infamous. This is partly due to the fact that fruitcake was being shipped all over the country and was often stale and/or laden with chemical preservatives is also a factor. However, this long, rich and cherished tradition has not died out and if you know where to get it from, fruit cakes can be a delicious and delightful Christmas treat.

A Brief History Of Christmas Fruit Cakes

Baked snacks filled with nuts and dried fruits were popular in ancient Roman times. These were hearty, nutritious and long-lasting, so were carried around and consumed by the Roman army. Remember how far-flung the Roman empire was? Thus, the ancestor of today’s fruitcake found its way to Europe and Britain. It developed throughout the Middle Ages into a more familiar cakey confection. However, since the ingredients needed to bake such a rich cake were costly, it became a treat to be indulged in only during special occasions and major holidays – especially Christmas. By the Victorian Age, fruitcake had found its way to America and was often soaked in brandy, rum, or another type of alcohol.

Today’s Christmas Fruit Cakes

Today, you can find several bakers who are dedicated to the traditional ways of creating luscious Christmas fruitcakes that have been a highlight of Christmas celebrations for ages. The key is using specific ingredients that are all-natural, as well as knowing the proper balances between cake, fruit, nuts and alcohol in each completed fruitcake. There are even bakers who make tasty fruitcakes specifically for people with certain dietary needs. Do some research, give fruit cake another try and you may discover a new favorite holiday tradition!

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