Getting The Best Prices On T8 Socket Orders

As an electrical contractor, electrician, or any type of lighting installation and repair service, finding the best prices and the best places to order all required parts and components is always a benefit to the business. When it comes to basic components that are used frequently, having a reliable supplier means not having to carry a large in-house inventory, while having the ability to place an order for fast delivery when required.

Shunted and Non-Shunted

One of those commonly used items for any type of lighting repairs or installations is the T8 socket. There are different designs and options, including both shunted and non-shunted, is essential. It is critical not to incorrectly use the wrong option in the T8 socket in the fixture.
A simple guideline is to remember that the shunted socket is used for instant start and LED plug and play types of bulbs. The non-shunted socket is used for rapid and programmed start or if a dimming ballast is used.

Ease of Installation

For commercial types of applications, it is critical to choose a replacement T8 socket that is easy to install. This includes the different profiles and actual mounting options that fit with the fixtures.

Ordering in Volume

When ordering any type of sockets from a single supplier, look for those suppliers offering discounts for larger volume orders. This is a very significant advantage for electrical contractors and electrical repair services, as the higher the order volume, the lower the price per unit.

Order from the Same Company

Placing all your socket orders with one supplier also helps to reduce the price. Most suppliers offer reduced shipping, fast order turnaround, and a top selection of sockets and accessories. This makes it easy to place the order and know you are getting the best prices and the best products available for your business inventory.

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