Get Compensation with a Truck Accident Attorney in Nashville, TN

Being in an accident is a traumatizing experience. It is even worse when there are injuries involved. After colliding with a semi-truck, there are going to be extensive damages to the vehicle and, possibly, the driver and passengers of any cars involved. After the accident, there are going to be hospital bills, lost wages, and an automobile that needs to be repaired or replaced. When the accident is the fault of the truck driver, the other driver may be entitled to compensation. In order to discover the amount of money that can be awarded, it is a good idea to contact a truck accident attorney in Nashville, TN.

After being in an accident, there are several steps that need to be followed. First of all, the police and rescue team should always be called. Then, the auto insurance company of the driver should be contacted to report the accident. Pictures of the scene should be taken, and any personal recollection of what happened should be written down. It does not take long for the mind to forget very important details. While in the hospital or after being seen by a doctor, all treatments and recovery should be kept track of. After this is done, a truck accident attorney in Nashville, TN should be called.

An attorney like Michael D. Ponce & Associates offers free consultations. This is where the victim may visit the office or speak over the phone about all the details of the case. During this time, an honest attorney will give a prediction of what will happen if the case goes to court. They will discuss the legal fees along with what the chances are for getting compensation for any medical bills, lost wages, or damages to the vehicle. If the accident is the result of the other driver’s negligence, there is a greater chance that money will be awarded to the accident victim. However, if there is any doubt that the collision could have been caused by some other reason, the lawyer will advise against going to court. There is no reason to pay extensive court costs if there is no chance that the client is going to win his or her case.

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