Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Liner Replacement In Suffolk County NY

To keep your pool operating efficiently throughout each season, it’s essential that you inspect all components of your pool, including the liner. A worn or damaged liner will cause your pool to leak, and this can lead to more expensive repairs. Read the questions and answers below to learn about pool liner damage and to find out when you need to call an experienced company for Pool Liner Replacement in Suffolk County NY.

Q.) What are the signs of a damaged pool liner?

A.) Obvious signs of a damaged pool liner include visible cracks, tears, holes or rips in the seams. If you can’t see any damage to the liner, but the water level of your pool is continually dropping, you probably have a damaged pool liner. Water leakage will even occur due to tiny holes in the liner that can’t be seen. If you notice wrinkles in your pool liner, this could indicate that your liner has slipped out of place. To find out if your liner is leaking, contact an experienced company to inspect your pool liner. You should contact Sky Blue Pools of Suffolk County NY for more details.

Q.) What causes pool liners to become damaged?

A.) In addition to accidental holes or tears, the lifespan of a pool liner greatly decreases due to the chemicals in your pool and the effects of the sun. The chemicals you use in your pool can cause the liner to deteriorate over time. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will cause the liner to fade and become brittle. Once this happens, the liner is more susceptible to cracking and splitting. After several years of use, your pool liner may stretch due to the weight of the water. This can cause the liner to slip out of position, and the water will flow underneath the liner. Since a stretched liner cannot be repaired, you’ll have to contact a company that performs Pool Liner Replacement in Suffolk County NY to remove the old liner and replace it with a new one.

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