Get Bold, Artistic And Creative With Fantasy Makeup

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Beauty

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Makeup is usually applied to do just what its name suggests – to make up for what is lacking or flawed in the face. It highlights some areas and conceals others and if it is applied properly, makes you look your best and gives you a natural or dramatic appearance. Other times, however, the application of makeup can be just for fun. Fantasy makeup provides the opportunity to apply your creative skills and talent in coloring and shading by transforming yourself or a friend into a creature or character totally different. There are several kits, products and special substances available so really, the only limit is your imagination!

What Is Fantasy Makeup?

Have you ever wanted to dress up as someone you’re not? Perhaps a sci-fi character or a creature that only exists in the realms of fantasy novels and mythology. It is usually pretty easy to find a suitable costume to wear so you can act the part, but that is only half of what is needed. With fantasy makeup, you can apply whatever colors, shading and special designs you need to bring your desired character to life. You can see many examples of fantasy makeup on and around Halloween, when men and women put striking makeup on their faces to transform themselves into creatures such as fairies, elves, or Gothic vampires. Other places you might see good examples of fantasy makeup is at conventions such as Comic-Con. Of course, actors onstage who perform plays often have to wear striking makeup so the audience knows exactly what creatures they are acting out.

How To Use Fantasy Makeup

Fantasy makeup does not have to be for any special occasion. If you feel like making a bold statement by applying bright colors, intricate designs and glitter to your face, than by all means do so! There are several kits available to help you turn anyone into a zombie, vampire, fairy, witch or other character. However, you can also find tutorials online or just create whatever you or a client has dreamed up. There are many other tools available, as well. These include airbrush guns, which spray on makeup in a fine, even and natural looking mist, also providing a smooth surface on which to add on details. Airbrush stencils give you the opportunity to create intricate and exotic looking patterns on the skin. Of course, you will need special makeup pencils and brushes. Glitter and metallic powder adds an extra touch to many looks.

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