Top Benefits Of Granite Countertops

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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Granite countertops are extremely popular; you see them in home kitchens and bathrooms, bar tops in fine dining establishments and in luxury suites of five star hotels. There are a many reasons for the popularity of granite countertops in San Antonio, when you choose the material for use in your kitchen you can rest assured that they will live up to the materials reputation for quality and durability and much, much more.

   * Value: It is hard to imagine any other rather inexpensive option that will add so much value to your home. Because granite looks so rich there is a natural tendency to think that it costs a fortune. Although it is more expensive than a laminated countertop for example, the cost/value ratio is hard to beat.

   * Durable: It may be “tongue in cheek” but granite is as hard as stone. You would be hard pressed to find a naturally occurring material that is more durable, more resistant to chips, scratches and cracks than granite. When a sealer is applied it even resists stains.

   * Resistant to bacteria: Sealed granite countertops in San Antonio are not porous; the surface is impervious to liquids. As a result your kitchen counters are easy to keep clean and a clean countertop is imperative to resist the effects of bacteria buildup.

   * If it does chip; no problem: Although granite is tough, there is nothing in the world that can be damaged if the circumstances are just right. If you happen to hit the edge of the countertop with a cast iron skillet it just might chip, if that should happen the same people that installed it can fix it. Professionals can mix and color coordinated epoxy, finish it and reseal it and you would never know there was any damage.

As there are no two pieces of granite alike, if you want an absolutely unique countertop then nothing will suit your requirements better than granite.

If you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom you should consider the numerous benefits of insisting on granite countertops in San Antonio. You are invited to discuss the design and choice of materials for your new kitchen with Shaw Company Remodeling.

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