Get a Variety of Options With Conference Rooms in Nairobi

A variety of hotels have some of the most well equipped and comfortable conference rooms in Nairobi, Kenya. Their location is convenient to the Kenyan government buildings, various embassies, and great attractions such as the National Nairobi Museum.

Please Take a Seat

There are a variety of seating styles that can be accommodated in the conference meeting rooms. The seating configuration can be customized to your needs and number of people in your group.
The theater seating style seats the largest number of people possible in a room. This is due to the layout of rows of seats from the front to the back of the room. This style can be set up with or without tables in front of the chairs. This style works the best for lectures where all conference attendees will be in the audience.

A banquet style table layout is a great option for conference meals as well as sessions where attendees will be working in small groups. With tables set up throughout the room, this seating style accommodates a moderate level of people in a room. Conference Rooms in Nairobi can be configured with a variety of tables for this style.

The U-shaped seating style accommodates the least number of people in the room due to the layout of all seats and tables in a u shape, which allows everyone to be seen and in the front row. This is a great option for conducting board meeting style business. This seating approach also works well for a small group lecture where a question and answer session will be featured.

All Details are Covered

Complimentary Wi-Fi, projector and screen and the details such as continually available water stationary, flip chart paper, markers, full screen setup. Visit to know more!

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