Divorce Lawyers in Tacoma WA Can Protect Spouses’ Rights

Even when a divorce is finalized, parties may still face legal issues. Divorce is but the beginning of a lifelong change that can take time to resolve, and Divorce Lawyers in Tacoma WA can help one tip the odds in their favor. Some of the most common issues after divorce include:

  • Modification of spousal support: In special circumstances, an alimony order can be modified.
  • Relocation: Moving to another state affects issues of visitation and child custody.
  • Property matters: Equitable distribution can take time, and items are often overlooked.
  • Estate issues: The after-death distribution of assets may need to be rethought after a divorce, and wills may need updating.
  • Remarriage: The legal effects arising from a remarriage can affect inheritance, child visitation and support.

It is possible for issues to arise following a divorce. For example, if new information is discovered, parties and their attorneys may need to reevaluate their options. In this brief guide, clients will learn when a divorce court judge’s ruling can be changed, and they can also learn how a lawyer can help them protect their rights under the law.

Can the Judge’s Ruling be Modified?

Many spouses wonder if a judge’s ruling on alimony can be changed. Spousal support needs change as a person’s needs evolve, or as people lose and find jobs. Spousal support may be changed or canceled if the receiver is remarried, and similar changes can occur with regards to child support, custody and visitation. Decisions made after divorce can often have longer-lasting impacts than those made during the trial.

Do Parties Need to Hire an Attorney for Issues Arising After a Divorce is Final?

Issues arising after a divorce often require help from a local family law attorney. One should hire an attorney if they discover legal concerns or issues after the divorce is final, especially if the other person already has a lawyer. Divorce Lawyers in Tacoma WA can advise clients on the best way to proceed, and they can offer invaluable legal advice. Moreover, a lawyer can provide representation in court to help clients resolve issues that come up after a divorce.

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